Spring Break 2012 “HGTV” Style

Matt graciously used his spring break this year to install hardwood floors in our home.  My amazing parents came down for the week to help us, and I was able to take the week off from work.  We learned that HGTV makes home renovation look easy, but thanks to everyone’s extremely hard work we have incredible finished products.

Thousands of removed staples. Hundreds of boards glued and placed. At least 10 trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s. And countless hours of man power. Here’s a glimpse at the projects.





Ready to Take out the Carpet

First "opportunity." We found thousands of staples under floor that had to be hand pulled.

The table location constantly changed.

Zig really wanted to help, but we had to keep her out due to the staples.

Smoothing out the floors once staples were removed.

Volleyball or Floors? Mr. Manes is ready to go.

First boards in place.


Being "manly."

Drum Room Disaster Zone.

Hallway Completed by Matt.

The Final Row.

Dad cutting the trim.

Mom and I did dust and clean up patrol.

Dad even helped change out the kitchen sink.





Mom also made these amazing curtains that I can't wait to put up in our guest room.

Mom also helped me make these hoops that will go on the guest room walls once we paint.

Mom and I also made these for a baby shower I'm throwing this month.

I’m SO thankful for everyone’s labor of love this past week. It feels like we have a brand new house. Now I just have to find time to paint the guest room so I can display Mom’s amazing sewing creations. Thanks again, Mom and Dad! There’s no way we could have done all that without your help.



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